Party Treasure

Smugglers and Concussions

Alchemists Room
- smooth ovoid pebble of about 4 ounces with a lustrous, pale gold colour
- gold skull (approx 500 gold lions)
- gold apple (approx 100 gold lions)
- gold rose (approx 150 gold lions)
- five gold discs (10 gold lions apiece)
- spellbook: find familiar, unseen servant, comprehend languages, fool’s gold (2nd level), animate dead
-book: The Secret of the Philosopher’s Stone

Second Floor
- 4 clear gems (appraised and sold at 25 gold lions each)
- manor transfer documents (transferred to Tobias Blackstone by mayor)
- scroll: hold person (used)
- 5gp (pocked by Lio)
- piece of crystal (no value)

- silver ring decorated with crossed swords and shields around it’s circumference (claimed by Theadric)

- spellbook: colour spray, fog cloud, disguise self, silent image, chromatic orb, Tenser’s floating disc, invisibility, -magic mouth
- jolly boat
- box of daggers (mostly scattered about now)
- -15 casks of brandy

- 8 bolts of silk (Hope kept one to create a dress)
- 10 crates of dried dates (prunes)—

Note: Of the three potions found during the previous session, the one presumed to be a healing potion was used by Wizzleficks. (fortunately, it did turn out to be a healing potion). The remaining two include a deep green potion that made the tester feel zesty and a light blue potion which smelled like the ocean.

Council Meeting

500 lions each reward (3,500 gp total)
850 lions for the contraband

Off to the Temple

400 lions work of jade chunks

Fire Sale Followed by Cleaning out the Basement

Troglodyte treasure chest
45 gold lions
89 electrum eagles
204 silver hawks
460 copper sparrows

The Chapel – Married and Buried

The thieves:
4 combs
ruby bracelet
Ring of Three Wishes

The hidden chambers of the shrines:
helmet (jeweled)
longsword with golden hilt
longsword of exceptional quality but simple design (claimed by Tobi)
ceremonial armor
50’ of silk with interwoven gold thread
model sailing ship (ivory, silken sails, fine gold rigging)
golden bowl that once held magical grain
small golden scythe
small ivory hunting horn

The wight:
breastplate (left behind)
longsword (potentially turns wielder into a wight) [disintegrated]

The Heroes of Ravenport and the Explicticably Defiled Swamp

60 griffon
540 lions
760 hawks
Gold jeweled bracelet
Silver ring adorned with a ruby
Bag of Ball Bearings (DC 14 dex save, command word “receptus” to return bearings to bag)
Silver horn decorated with tiny battle axes and lightning bolts (magical) is a Horn of Valhalla which summons female warriors to fight for you; only works in combat
(claimed by Tobi)
Electrum ring with tiny green shamrocks all around the outside (+1 AC, +1 saves, re-roll natural 1’s) (claimed by Aurelio)
A pair of identical gold rings adorned with a pair of lips (magical) requires attunement and links two attuned individuals who can exchange messages via the rings (Ring of Whispers) (claimed by Hope and Tobi)
Green lightweight boots with leaf designs and toes that curl up to a point (magical) are Boots of Elvenkind (claimed by Milo)
Six small bottles of various shapes containing a variety of liquids (magical) (-Gaseous Form,- Invisibility, Clairvoyance, Filter of Love, Two Potions of Healing)
Two ivory scroll tubes of brilliant white. Each is sealed and elaborately carved with leafy patterns. (opened by Hope, each containing a spell scroll, trapped to destroy contents when forced open)
Spell scroll in 1st ivory tube: -Detect Magic, Slow,- Stinking Cloud (claimed by Wizzleficks)
Spell scroll in 1st ivory tube: Dispel Magic (5th level), Lesser Restoration, Remove Curse (claimed by Hope)

While exiting the cultists’ dungeon, we recovered a small chest.
Inside is:
-a clerical robe of black and crimson (burned by Aurelio)
-a mace
-a rolled up piece of paper (Scroll of Mass Healing Word)

From the Chapel: (total value 1600gp)
4 combs
ruby bracelet (400gp)
helmet (jeweled)
longsword with golden hilt
ceremonial armor
50’ of silk with interwoven gold thread
model sailing ship (ivory, silken sails, fine gold rigging)
golden bowl that once held magical grain
small golden scythe
small ivory hunting horn (20gp)

From the swamp:
Gold jeweled bracelet
Silver ring adorned with a ruby (800gp)

Scouting the Sea Devil Stronghold
Secret Treasure Hoard of the Scaly Sahuagin
Cloak of the Manta Ray (taken by Milo)
Glassteel Plate Armor (taken by Tobias)
Chainmail of Comfort (dwarf-sized, weight 50 lb., always immaculately clean, adjusts level of warmth to weather, +1 to saves vs. cold or fire)
Sentinel Shield (taken by Hope)
Sightbringer, sentient longsword (hanging out with Hope)
Ring of Armor +1 (taken by Tobias)
Wand of Transmogrification (taken by Wizzleficks)
Velvet Gloves of Mage Hand (taken by Hope)
Leather Armor of the Mariner (small-sized)
Ring of Free Action (taken by Theadric)
Varnished Spellbook (charm person, expeditious retreat, shield, illusory script)
Varnished Spellbook (levitate, ccontinual flame, spider climb)
Varnished Spellbook (fireball, water breathing)
Scroll of Ice Storm (taken by Milo)
Scroll of Knock
Scroll of Find Traps
Scroll of Silence

Necklace of Prayer Beads (6 amber, 6 pearl, 6 corral, one type is Blessing, one is Curing. the last has not been revieled)
Greater Staff of Shock (melee attack, +1 to hit, 2d6 lightning damage, 47 charges)
4 Staves of Shock (melee attack, +1 to hit, 1d6 lightning damage, charges unspecified)
Pearl of Wisdom

Living Quarters
378 platinum griffons
65 gold lions
Silver mirror
Cheap mirror
prayer beads
Necklace with an arrow-pierced heart
Gold collar
4 harnesses with platinum buckles

Bath House
Magic Scroll
Potion of Healing
Ring of Amphibian Command
Jeweled chest
Charcoal with Triskelion mark

Faux Hope
Rapier +1
Some other stuff I apparently didn’t write down but am sure we divvied up

2 emeralds
3 pearls
Wand of Secret Door Detection
Potion of Wisdom (1d6 Wisdom for 1 hour)
Golembane Scarab (
2 attack vs. clay golems)
Golden crown (possibly cursed, possibly key)
Handaxe +1
Darizon’s Journal of the Ran-Ka ruins

Death God Sampler in the Temple of Rana Mor
Jai Ghi (Banda Priest)
Potion of Greater Healing (4d4+4)
Potion of Invisibility
Scroll: Animate Dead, Spiritual Weapon

Secret Compartment in Monk Cells
Ring of Swimming: have a swimming speed of 40 feet while wearing this ring

Saeng Ki (Banda High Priestess)
Glamered Breastplate 1: Can be switched to black robes as a bonus action (and vice versa) [requires attunement]
Spiked Chain +1: 2d4
1 damage, finesse, heavy, 10’ reach, two-handed, on hit make opposed Athletics (Strength) or Acrobatics (Dexterity) if a wielder wins, target is tripped (i.e. knocked prone), requires proficiency [requires attunement]

Nhar Phull Statue Eyes
2 large emeralds (600gp each)

Dart Trap Victims
Masterwork Scimitar: +1 damage, non-magical
6 smoke sticks: 1 stick can create thick smoke which fills a 10′×10′ cube
Potion of Healing

Priest-Lord Sangket
Breastplate +1
Flail of Frost: +1 and does an additional 1d4 cold damage, sheds bright light in a 10’ radius and dim light for an additional 10’ when below 0 degrees Tenser (which cannot be turned off), grants wielder resistance to fire while held, when drawn the flail can extinguish all non-magical flames within 30’ (once per long rest) [requires attunement]
Golden circlet (600gp)
4 onyx-set rings (80gp each)

The Chamber of Mad Lum’s Machine
Two amber anti-spellcasting lenses
Movable teleportation circle
Goggles of the Nightstalker [darkvision 60’, see invisibility 1/day, light sensitivity when remove, requires attunement]

Crypt of the Kings
Gold circlet with fire opals
Gold anklet
Gold comb
Ebony crook
Drangonleather belt studded in onyx

Magic Items:
Wand of Secrets
Headband of Intellect [req. attunement: 2 on Intelligence saves and advantage on Intelligence skill checks]
Ring of the Ram
20 Bolts of Etherealness in quiver [ignore cover]
Ring on Elemental Resistance (Lightning) [req. attunement]
Crystal Ball
Mace of Fear [gleaming black and shaped like a tentacle; req. attunement; +1 to hit and damage, any creature hit must make a DC 14 Wis save or be affected by fear spell. Once a creature saves it can no longer be affected.]
Movable Hole [req. attunement, when this scroll is unrolled and placed on a surface the 6" black dot becomes a hole that can pass to the other side if the surface is 8" or less in thickness]
Breastplate of Command [
1, requires attunement, fun at parties]
Wand of Levitation
Song’s End [req. attunement; Intelligent lawful neutral +1 scimitar, +2 vs. fey, detects fey, blood red hilt and black blade, purpose: eradicate all fey]
Ring of Mind Shielding

Bridge Work and Other Roadblocks
44 g.p.
30 s.p.
Healing potions (2)
Some kind of silvery headdress thing
Moonstone (20 g.p.)
Onyx spider eyes: 4 small (5 g.p. each), 4 large (10 g.p. each)
Clerical Spell Component Pouch
Staff of Fire (originally Tenna Shatterstars, “borrowed” by Milo)
Black spider-silk mask (25 g.p.)
Engraved bone dice (10 g.p.)
Onyx brooch (50 g.p.)
Flask (added to Milo’s empty flask collection)
Scale armor +3 (exposure to daylight will destroy the enchantment)
Tentacle Rod

Slaver Caravan
Velgore’s Spellbook
- 1st Level: Mage Armor, Magic Missile, Shield, Witch Bolt
- 2nd Level: Alter Self, Misty Step, Web
- 3rd Level: Fly, Lightning Bolt
- 4th Level: Evard’s Black Tentacles, Greater Invisibility
- 5th Level: Cloudkill

Party Treasure

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