Captivating tiefling entertainer and healer


Hope’s earliest memories were of the traveling circus. She doesn’t know how or why she came to be with them, but they were her family. It seemed only they accepted her as she was, protected her and encouraged her, while the world around mostly stared, jeered and laughed at the little “demon girl”.

As she grew up part of the traveling act, Hope found she had a natural, almost supernatural, talent for the performing arts. Singing, dancing, and music came to her as easily as breathing. She soon became one of the main features of the show, delighting crowds with the heavenly sounds produced by the devilishly beautiful young woman. Still, when the song was over, there were few souls outside her fellow performers that had a kind word to give. Her “father”, main protector, and giant of a man, Strong-Man Kyros the Colossus, reminded her always that deep down, most folks were good and honest, but a little dumb, and a lot afraid, so “keep your chin up and the music alive… the show must go on!”

The end of innocence came suddenly one night a little over a year ago in the Wild Coast when a large band of orc marauders stormed the camp. Though everyone fought valiantly, and the orcs definitely got more than they bargained for, there were just too many of them. She rushed through the fallen bodies of friend and foe alike to help the Colossus fight off ten of the beasts, but he only looked at her and said “Run now Hope!”

So she ran. Recently she had found she was starting to sense the Weave, and even just barely tweak the chords within it to produce some magical effects. So as a group of the marauders chased her through the trees, a quick duck and dodge and disguise spell to make her look like an orc was enough to trick the dumb monsters into heading the other way, allowing her escape. She doesn’t know what happened exactly to the Colossus, though she knows many of her friends and family were slain or worse, and hasn’t heard from any of them since.

A grown woman now (age 20), Hope has been traveling on her own, always on the move, using her talents as a Bard and her otherworldly beauty to make her way, finding the good folk where she can, and fending off, bedazzling, or tricking the rest to avoid ugliness. She’s been practicing her swordsmanship and plucking the strings of the Weave. It’s been hard, and even if she doesn’t know it explicitly, she seeks another family to accept her, the “demon girl”. Ultimately, she would like to find out where she came from, as well as what happened to the Colossus and the rest of her traveling circus family.

Personality trait: Whenever I come to a new place, I collect local rumors and spread gossip.
Ideal: Beauty. When I perform, I make the world better than it was.
Bond: I would do anything for the other members of my old troupe.
Flaw: I trust too easily, giving the benefit of the doubt where it really shouldn’t, which sometimes gets me in trouble.


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