The Remains of War

Escape from Explictica Defilus' Lair

Session 10 – 4/27/2015

Loaded up treasure on Tenser’s Floating Disc. Identified some magic items.

Distant boom noticed by some party members. Something bad was about to happen to the underground lair.

Ran into the carpenter’s girl when preparing to leave, crying over one of the coffer corpses. Calmed her down, learn it had been her brother and agreed to take it back to town for proper burial.

She was looking for Wentin (sp?), one of Mort’s guards. She knew where other prisoners were held. Yay!

Freed Mort and one other prisoner. Found Wentin down a side passage being attacked by giant croc. Killed croc and healed Wentin.

Original path out of the underground lair collapsed. Found a couple alternate routes and eventually made it to the entrance room.

Used a grapnel and rope to help climb the stairs out, as water rushed in.

half the party made it to surfaced. Attached by trogs and ghouls. Trogs had snakes. Rest of party made it to surface during fight. Trogs and ghouls defeated.

Slept on giant turtle. Turtle unhappy. Killed turtled. Went back to sleep.

Returned to Ravenport.


EVaessen EVaessen

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