The Remains of War

The Chapel - Married and Buried

Session 7 – 2/15/2015

Wizzleficks, Milo, Theadric, Hope, and Tobias had the following dream:

The chapel seems filled with light and a happy throng of people. It is apparent that a wedding is in progress. Just as the priest pronounces his final blessing upon the betrothed pair, the scene fades.

A new scene follows it – a scene as sorrowful as its predecessor was joyful. Again, the chapel is full of people but this time all are weeping. A funeral procession escorts two shrouded bodies to their tombs and tearfully places them within. Once again, the priest pronounces a final blessing and the scene fades.

A third scene follows. Again, the chapel is full of light. The adventurers themselves are the only ones in attendance, but suddenly they are struck dumb with surprise as the figure of a lovely woman appears at the altar. Silently, she beckons to the party, and each member senses a promise that person (the one who is having the dream) boundless reward if they will but follow her.

Just as that character steps forward, there is a blinding flash and a stalwart man suddenly stands beside the lady with a sword in his hand. While the lady begins the weep entreatingly, the man steps to prevent anyone from approaching her. He sadly shakes his head in refusal of the lady’s pleas. The scene then gradually fades and each character awakens

Goddard’s dreams were rather more troubling. His fiendish patron used them as the medium of communication, and tasked him with the removal of he former… client.

Aurelio slept the dreamless sleep of the righteous.

Upon awakening the party found itself in a region distinguished by sheer cliffs and dangerous precipices. It was quite cold and windy. A small chapel could be seen in the distance, the same one from the dream that most of the heroes shared.

Uncertain (except Goddard) of their location or even if it was real and not a continuation of the dream, the heroes cautiously approached the chapel. Entering they found the sanctuary in ruins, a desecrated tomb, and a stone altar.

After the discovered groves in the floor next to the altar they were able to quickly find and trigger the hidden mechanism that allowed the altar pivot, revealing a stairwell spiraling down into the cliff.

Here they found a large room, similar to the honeycomb layout of the sanctuary above. In each of the six alcoves was a painting affixed to the wall that would come to life as soon as light fell upon it.

Carved in the floor, just at the entryway of each alcove was a line of text. Thus the text circumscribed the central chamber.

They heroes investigated each alcove, writing down the text and facing the contents of each painting in turn. After defeating orcs, goblins, an ogre, and a minotaur, and freeing a mute warrior named Bran (so he wrote his name), they had collected the text:

when the light of life comes to lifeless eyes and mortal sword slays flesh immortal then will the dumb speak the dead die the dark god topple and the chapel of silence be again

Further searching revealed a door hidden near the base of the stairs, and the party descended with Bran in tow.

They arrived in a smaller hexagonal room, with a single door in each wall. Each door lead to a hexagonal room with an altar at its center, three prayer benches before it, curtains of a single color hung on the three far walls, and three skeletal warriors in vestment (color matching the curtains) kneeling before the far walls.

Lio (or was it Goddard?) kicked aside one of the skeletons while investing what was behind of of the curtains causing all of the undead warriors to rise up and attack the party.

The heroes withdrew into one of the outer rooms to create a choke point, and after a well-place web spell commenced with the grim business of dispatching the shrine’s eighteen protectors.

After littering the ground with crushed bones and torn vestments the adventures when back to searching the shrines.

Unfortunately for Wizzleficks one of the shrines was already occupied with tomb raiders who weren’t interested in sharing what they’d found.

The young cartographer’s screams brought the others running to his aid, and the pair of thieves were quickly defeated.

Theadric and Hope found the first of six hidden chambers behind the central curtain in each of the shrines. Theadric also found the first of three trapped chambers, and would plummeted to his death as a pit opened beneath his feet had Hope not grabbed him quickly enough.

After that Lio and Tobias methodically searched each hidden entrance for traps, and the good doctor used mage hand to open each door from a distance whether a trap had been found or not.

Within the chambers them found a number of items, several of which they took with them. And in one of the chambers they found a stairwell descending farther down.

The contents of the shrines lead the adventures to believe that each was tied to one of six deities: Merikka, Heironeous, Procan, Obad-Hai, Zilchus, and Velnius.

Goddard sent his imp familiar, which had taken the form of a raven, down to investigate the chamber at the bottom of the stairwell. There the invisible fiend found a rather large sleeping cockatrice.

Lio and Theadric snuck down the stairs and slew before it could wake.

The rest of the group then descended, and on existing the chamber found another central hexagonal room with a door in each wall. On this sub level of the chapel the masonry had suffered a number of cracks, and was a good deal worse for wear than the levels above.

In the first room they found Shar, an ancient and undernourished priest, who live Bran could not speak.

The floor of the outer section of Shar’s chamber had fallen away, exposing it to the open air of the cliff face. Shar wrote that he has set himself to defend the breach from evil creatures that would invade the chapel.

Shar offered the heroes the safety of his chamber, should they need to rest, as the shrine within wall still hallowed despite the breech.

Theadric, noting Shar’s emaciation, offered up some of his rations, which the priest was grateful to add to his larder.

The next chamber that was investigated contained stirges, which were promptly bathed in magical flame.

The following chamber was the home to a wight, hiding in magical darkness. The dark presented to impediment to the devilish sight of the imp, and Goddard’s prompt warning was all Lio needed to close the door.

The wight, enraged by the presence of the living just beyond his door, left the relative safety of its darkness and entered the central chamber to fight the heroes. This proved to be the last in a long line of poor choices the wight had made in its life and subsequent unlife.

On the defeat of the wight both it and the darkness of its lair dissipated. It left behind its armor and sword. The chamber contained stairs heading yet farther down into the cliff.

In the next chamber was a pair of trolls engaged in an activity that no one wanted to witness. So the heroes withdrew to Shar’s chamber to rest and recover from the battle with the wight.

After resting the group decided to slay the trolls, so as not to leave something so dangerous behind them as they descended into to lower levels.

Even caught in repose the trolls proved to be almost too much for the seven adventures to handle. After the battle they returned once again to Shar’s chamber, though this time to rest for the evening.


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