The Remains of War

Something's Rotten in Ravenport - Part Deux

After the battle, the party freed their companions. Hope, Goddard, Mort, and his guards were stashed behind the large, yet extremely authentic statue of a serpent with a human face. The statue appeared to be carved completely from ivory tusks pieced together. Although it appeared to be valuable, it weighed much more than any of them could carry. Aurelio focused his fury upon the statue and broke it to bits.

Misha was promptly bound and gagged, and the cult’s prisoners were freed. Mort was shocked to learn of Bertram perfidy, but thankful that he and his men had survived.

Misha was tight-lipped, but the party was able to surmise that she originally a cleric of Phyton, an agricultural god, before being corrupted by the snake cult. The group decided to take her to the authorities in the morning.

After a good night’s there group headed out. Lord Goddard learned the location of the First Consul and town constable from Haskel the moneychanger, whose office is next door to the inn. They then frog-marched Misha to jail. The constable promised to take it from there, cutting short Lio’s demands for a summary execution.

Afterwards, Wizzleficks, Theadric, Milo, and Dr. Blackstone went to the Inn of the Dying Minotaur to ask about Wizzleficks friend (Arisel). As it happened, she did stay at the inn, but without taking her things. Amongst her belongings was a journal which mentioned her plans to explore the old manor outside of town and her observations of strangeness in town.

Theadric did ask about his friend, but the innkeeper did not have any information regarding them.

Meanwhile, Lord Goddard, Hope, and Lio headed over to the temple of Phyton, trying to determine their involvement in the cult. Unfortunately, their decision to snoop instead of waiting for the head priest (who was taking a great deal of time) backfired, when the head priest discovered them, Hope magically disguised as Misha. They were thrown out, never discovering the whereabouts of Misha’s room. They did however see a redheaded priestess…

[Thanks to Chris for providing assistance on recalling the events]


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