The Remains of War

Something's Rotten in Ravenport

After an arduous three days of traveling, the new companions were beset by wolves an hour outside of Ravenport. The group survived the attack, but Aurelio fell in battle.

Once the caravan made it to The Bog and Barrel Inn, Mort paid the party with four potions of Vigor. Additionally, he bought everyone supper.

While eating and drinking, Hope sang a song so beautiful, it instantly put everyone at ease.

In the early hours of morning before sunrise, Wizzleficks awoke to his alarm spell going off. Dr. Blackstone awoke as well and noticed a panel in the back wall shut suddenly. Interestingly, neither could speak nor hear anything. After a moment, they could hear again and they investigated the wall and found a secret door.

Once Theadric was awoken, he went downstairs to investigate further. Dr. Blackstone, Wizzleficks, and Milo searched the other rooms. They discovered a room which was not well kept, but empty. They also discovered the rooms for Mort and Hope/Goddard were empty.

Very alarmed, the group tried to get Aurelio, but he was sound asleep and had wedged his door shut. After a few minutes of pounding on the door, Aurelio eventually awoke and joined the rest of the group. His tracking lead the group to the same spot Theadric had been for some time: the innkeeper’s (Bertram) lounge.

Theadric had heard a sound coming from this area and the only place the party still didn’t explore was Bertram’s bedroom. Tobias and Wizzleficks discovered a trap door hidden under the rug in this room.

Theadric quickly hopped down the hole and quickly discovered the source of a foul odor wafting up from below: troglodytes. Stranger still, Bertram was leading them from behind. The scaly creature made short work of Theadric.

Meanwhile, Aurelio used his powers to detect evil and did not sense any, but the screams of his halfling companion below assured him there was danger nonetheless. He drew his blades and lept into the hole and managed to slay one beast in a single round. With the help of the rest of the group, the trogolodytes were killed quickly. Bertram on the other hand died at the hands of Milo who avenged his fellow halfling’s death by setting Bertram on fire.

But, it turned out Theadric was not truly dead, but merely unconscious. The party elected to rest for an hour so that their sorely wounded companion could recover.

After the rest, the party opened a stout door. It lead into a maze of crudely dug dirt tunnels.

In the tunnels, the party was assaulted by what they could only assume was the cook of the inn (based upon his chef’s hat). He was quickly dispatched by Milo’s fire.

The group also ran afoul a pair of ghouls. Wizzleficks discovered his sleep spell did not affect ghouls. The rest of the party, though, managed to put the ghouls to final rest.

Eventually, the party saw flickering light coming from a room ahead. There was a larger chamber ahead with shadowy movements of a giant serpent.

While they peered into the chamber, a female figure stepped into the light as did her companions: 3 armed men and a large snake. She threatened the group and made references to the ‘Goddess’.

Thinking quickly, Milo summoned his sorcerous power to create a gout of flame which immolated the snake and 3 men. Now, it was down to just the priestess. This angered Misha and she rushed forward to touch Milo with a purple-black nimbus enshrouding her hand. Fortunately for Milo, the priestess missed!

Wizzleficks having learned his leason from the earlier encounter was certain this was a living creature and used his last sleep spell. His incantation flew true and the priestess fell asleep as she gave him an evil look.

(to be continued…)


I though Misha missed Milo with her death touch ability after you realized she had to roll to hit.

Something's Rotten in Ravenport
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