The Remains of War

Session 3 – 12/21/2014

Jason, Jacob, and Mike couldn’t make it this session. Erik played Goddard in Mike’s stead, which is why he seems a bit muted.

Further exploration of the skeleton room led to the discovery of a secret chamber, containing one very dead alchemist, several items he’d managed to transmute to gold, and his spellbook. The spellbook had been hidden in a secret compartment accessed from the underside of the dead wizard’s work table, the latch to which Wizzleficks found.

The transmuted items included a human skull (500g.p.), an apple (100g.p.), and a rose (150g.p.). In addition there were five gold discs of the type used for assaying (10g.p. each).

Near the entrance of the chamber were three open copper pots. They were empty, and no one is quite sure as to their purpose at this point.

The corpse was clutching a 4 oz. stone. Theadric experimenting with it a bit, touching it to on of the assaying discs, the golden apple, a copper piece, and perhaps some other things I can’t recall at the moment. I should mention the alchemist’s notes implied be was looking to create a philosopher’s stone.

Lio found a few coins in what was left of the dead alchemist’s money pouch. These fell into Lio’s pocket. Anyone who noticed chose not to care.

The gold objects were placed in a sack and stashed in the barracks room where Hope and Milo guarded Misha.

Theadric and Wizzleficks noted that the stone in one of the barracks walls was different from the rest of the room. The halfling gave it a cursory look but couldn’t find any apparent mechanism for a secret door. Wizzleficks and Tobi set about it methodically and soon open the entrance to a secret cave. Looking for a mechanism for a secret door. But before they could enter they heard a bark.

The friendly dog that had interacted with Theadric on the way to the mansion was barking expectantly at the top of the cellar stairs.

We’d mostly forgotten about the friendly dog, and I don’t think he made it into the adventure log for last session.

Theadric, Lio, Wizzleficks Sylvester Fenthwick Breakenbrack, Tobi, and Goddard went up to the kitchen and followed the dog who led them up the stairs to the second floor. On the way there Wizzleficks heard a thumping overhead.

Using the direction of the sound as a guide the group turned right at the top of the stairs and started looking in each room in turn. The first was full of webs, so they passed on. The second had a dead goblin in a bed, so another pass. The third room’s door was locked.

Theadric attempted to kick in the door, but it didn’t budge. So Tobi moved up and applied a crowbar, opening the door with a crack and destroying the lock in the process. Within they saw a bound and gagged woman in naught but her small clothes.

Tobi moved into the room with the intent of freeing her. Fortunately, Theadric warned about the damaged floor stopped him from going any further. The much lighter halfling move pass the tall human and carefully walked over to the supine woman, keeping close to the wall, which appeared to be the safer course.

Theadric freed her and helped her from the room. Tobi provided her his cloak and the group began talked to the woman. She had a remarkably deep voice, believe her name to be Bethany, but claimed to remember little else.

It’s interesting to note that Theadric is damn strong for someone comparable in size to a six-year-old human, and is tied with Aurelio for second highest Strength score in the party.

Wizzleficks Sylvester Fenthwick Breakenbrack tried to ask the dog its name, but got little more than incomprehensible woofs for his troubles.

The group then explored the remaining rooms and found what appeared to be Bethany’s possessions, allowing her to dress. Her clothing was finely made, implying a high station in life.

They also found a loose floorboard containing a chest. The crowbar made another appearance and the chest was opened. Tobi removed the bundle of documents. Lio searched through the rags in the chest, locating a bag of uncut gems. The documents appeared mostly to detail the history of the mansion’s sale but at the bottom of the pile was a scroll of hold person.

After searching the rest of the second floor they returned to the room with the webs and discovered and slew two spiders, though not before Lio was bitten by the venomous arachnids. A glittering from the fireplace turn out to be a piece of crystal of little monetary value.

Next Tobi lifted Theadric and Wizzleficks up into the attic. While exploring Theadric was attacked by a pair of stirges that had been nesting in the rafters. The blood loss overtook the halfling quickly and he went down. Wizzleficks tried desperately to pull himself together and Tobi and Lio leapt up and scrambled into the attic to protect their friends.

The bloodsuckers were killed and Lio healed Theadric, returning him to consciousness.

Tobi destroyed the nest in the rafters with his spear. A ring fell out of the crumbling mess and rolled over to Theadric. He promptly put it on, and nothing immediately horrible happened.

The group headed back down to the basement barracks. Tobi did his best to explain to Bethany about the bound and gagged Misha and the tiefling she was about to meet as they descended.

After showing Bethany where the food stores were Theadric and Lio lead the way in the caves, with Goddard, Wizzleficks and Tobi following close behind.

After traveling through the caves for a few minutes, and narrowly avoiding some ceiling-growing green slime the adventurers came across an effective wall of crates and barrels.

As they were trying to quietly examine was was on the other side of the stacks of merchandise they were hit by a blast of scintillating color, leaving all by Lio and Theadric temporarily blind.

Lio saw the numerous forms milling behind the wall of goods he called for the group to fall back, out of the open and lead the withdrawal.

As the party withdrew the thugs cracked open a crate of daggers and began hurling them over the barrier, injuring Goddard as attempted to fall back.

When his vision had cleared Tobi rushed forward to protect Wizzlefick’s retreat from the humans who had climbed over the barrels and the bow wielding gnolls who were fast approaching from further down the passageway and had shot the cartographer with an arrow.

Theadric encounter another gnoll the was moving to flank the party. But when he lunged his sword into it’s curiously silent form it was revealed to be an illusion.

As Theadric and Lio try to move back up to the fighting they were once again blasted with a spray of light and this time blinded.

Wizzleficks downed a healing potion while an angry Goddard started searing smugglers with blasts of eldritch energy.

A bank of fog appeared far to the rear of the fighting, near the entrance of the cave system, with a human figure at its center.

Theadric rushed forward to Tobi’s aid and Lio headed into the fog to face whatever it held only to learn it was another illusion.

Suddenly a flamboyantly dressed figure pelted past the front lines of the fight and down the passageway the gnolls had come from. Tobi managed to nick the illusionist as he went past.

They also learned from the shouts of the none-to-pleased smugglers that this eye-shatteringly ensembled fellow was their leader, Sanbolet.

One of the gnolls stabbed Tobi, and then two of the five knife hurling smugglers got lucky and Dr. Blackstone went down. Lio rushed forward and healed him while Theadric layed about with his deadly blade.

Wizzleficks Sylvester Fenthwick Breakenbrack, in a moment of bravery or insanity, rushed past the combatants, narrowly avoiding being stabbed. He then snapped open a spell scroll and with an uttered word stopped the fleeing spell-slinger in his tracks.

Tobi regained his feet and he, Theadric, Lio, and Goddard finished off the gnoll and the smugglers on there side of the crates.

The smugglers ignored Lio’s demand for surrender.

The cartographer step around the frozen illusionist and yanked the spellbook he was fleeing with out of his hands.

Tobi and Lio charged over the crates, Tobi injuring one of the remaining thugs and Lio, like some vengeful demon, swooped down and slew one outright.

This time Lio’s demand for surrender was met immediately.

Meanwhile Theadric had moved up to hem in the held illusionist. And just it time, as Sanbolet finally broke free of the spell.

Sanbolet, unable to comprehend the extreme danger posed by his waste-high attackers ignored the gnome’s demand that he surrender and instead demanded his spellbook back.

Lio’s arrival subdued illusionist, however, and he reluctantly surrendered. Though still demanded the return of his spellbook.

I’m pretty sure I got a number of things out of order in the big combat above.

Tobi and Goddard questioned the three surviving underlings, learning a number of details about the operation, including the name of the ship doing the smuggling and her captain (Sea Ghost and Snake Eyes respectively).

In exchange for an oath from Lio for Sabolet’s safe passage more detailed information was provided, including the lantern signals used to communicate with Sea Ghost, the name of their primary client (Benjin Wolf), and Bethany’s identify as the daughter of the Viscount Salinmoor. Bethany’s amnesia was suggested to be a knock to the head when she was subdued.

As the party prepared to release the smugglers back into the wild Sanbolet made one more attempt to demand that his spellbook’s return. Lio, as Wizzleficks, Theadric, and Tobi looked on in horror tore out a page from the book containing magic mouth and hand the jagged piece of paper to the illusionist.

After the release the dog revealed himself to be a man named Ash Tide-Caller, who had been observing us, uncertain of our character, but now feeling that we were not bloodthirsty thugs ourselves had decide to approach us.

Ash is concerned about the unpleasantness happening in the region and seems to be hoping to share information, and perhaps resources with us.

Is Ash a low level druid looking for allies? A mid-level wizard planning to send us hither and yon on his business, whether we realize it or not? A silver dragon looking to set things to rights? An avatar of Zagyg out to screw with us? I’m going with druid.

Eric pointed out that a number of the barrels had been filled with brandy and that there might have been quite a boom had some more fiery spells been slung. Hurray for loot surviving the battle!


Loot inventory:

Alchemists Room
- smooth ovoid pebble of about 4 ounces with a lustrous, pale gold colour
- gold skull (approx 500 gold lions)
- gold apple (approx 100 gold lions)
- gold rose (approx 150 gold lions)
- five gold discs (10 gold lions apiece)
- spellbook: find familiar, unseen servant, comprehend languages, fool’s gold (2nd level), animate dead

Second Floor
- 4 clear gems (unappraised)
- manor transfer documents
- scroll: hold person (used)
- 5gp (pocked by Lio)
- piece of crystal (no value)

- silver ring decorated with crossed swords and shields around it’s circumference (claimed by Theadric)

- spellbook: colour spray, fog cloud, disguise self, silent image, chromatic orb, Tenser’s floating disc, invisibility, magic mouth
- jolly boat
- box of daggers (mostly scattered about now)
- 15 casks of brandy
- 8 bolts of silk
- 10 crates of dried dates

Note: Of the three potions found during the previous session, the one presumed to be a healing potion was used by Wizzleficks. (fortunately, it did turn out to be a healing potion)

Smugglers and Concussions
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