The Remains of War

Mouthy Mouth & Seastatue Investigation

Session 4 - 1/04/2014

After the party dealt with Sanbolet and his crew, they spoke with Ash Tidecaller. They found out he was originally from an island in the Azure Sea and relocated to Ravenport a long time ago. He was observing the group to ensure he could trust them.

He relayed his suspicions of the Father Abrams being a cult member and requested the party deal with him before the situation in Ravenport got worse. He also healed some party members of their wounds and promised to cure Bethany of her amnesia once he found the proper herbs.

A couple of things happened while this was going on. Wizzleficks tried out one of his new spells: detect magic. He soon discovered/confirmed a few items in the group were magical. More importantly, he was able deduce Misha was ensorceled. When he revealed the information to everyone else, Ash was able to remove the condition.

The other event only witnessed by Goddard was a visitation by his sponsor. She seemed relatively pleased with his progress, but wanted him to take care of matter in the Good Hills. In order to get there, she provided him with a black candle and an incantation to read while everyone was nearby.

Although Goddard’s companions could not see his patron, there was a moment when Theadric could feel her affect. At this point, Goddard denied her and told her they were his friends.

Once the enchantment was removed from Misha, she was confused. Her last memory was from over a year ago and the acolyte had no recollection of anything she did in the meantime. When Aurelio explained everything she’s done, it was too much for her and she broke down crying.

The was some debate on what to do with the smuggled goods. Eventually, it was decided to move everything up into the secret alchemist room except for one bolt of orange silk (which Hope took) and a cask of brandy.

The party spent the night in the caves living off the food stored there. The night was uneventful and they awoke the misty morning of Earthday, 20th of Ready’reat.

As they left the front door of the manor, they encountered what was originally mistaken for children playing with garland coming from a sack. Upon moving closer through the mist, they realized it was not children, but a group of goblins who had slain Sanbolet.

Unfortunately for the goblins, the group of adventurers were now seasoned fighters and slew them easily.

As the group approached the carriage, a magic mouth activated. It was set by Sanbolet and meant to be a threat to the group. Instead, though, it ended up recording his last words/screams.

When they reached Ravenport, they found it even more quiet than normal. At the constable’s house, there were two corpses hanging from a tree: Grover’s and Dillon’s. Both had had parchments stabbed into them proclaiming them to be cultists.

The adventurers continued on to the mayor’s house where they found him speaking to Mr. Wolf. Apparently, Mr. Wolf had just discovered his accountant (Jack) had been embezzling money by accepting smuggled goods and keeping the tax money for himself.

Under the guise of checking the accounting books for enchantments, Wizzleficks scanned everyone in the room enchantment. He was relieved to find, no one in the room had the same magical aura as Misha had.

Aurelio attempted to get the Mayor to place him as Constable. The mayor declined stating he already had someone in mind for the job.

Both Bethany and Misha were left in the Mayor’s care while the party planned their next steps.

When the party left the house, there was an large black bird perched on the carriage cawing at Tobias. Tobias found the raven was carrying a message which he read to himself. It was from his senior at the Grey Academy requesting a status on his mission to investigate the giant statue remains.

Dr. Blackstone relayed his predicament to his friends. They then decided to set out to the statue to see what could be found.

They hired an old crippled salt named McKraken to guide them and an old rowboat. When they got near, they saw a Scarlet Brotherhood boat at the statue. Unfortunately, they were not able to row fast enough to stop them. Aurelio fired a shot at the boat in the hopes of hitting one of the three scoundrels. They did observe one of the monks was especially odd. He was extremely pale and wore goggles over his eyes. They also saw the monks throw three crockery into the interior of the statue before setting sail.

When they reached the statue, the party found it was slowly sinking. There was a six fingered handprint where the door should be. No one could open it until Hope tried.

Inside the door, the group descended the spiral stairs leading down.

At the bottom of the stairs was strange room with Ancient Suloise writing, a chair, a wall sized scrying screen, an alcove, and a console with many gauges, knobs, and switches. Everything was in disarray and sparking. This was no doubt the work of the Scarlet Brotherhood agents.

As they were taking this all in, the group was pummeled by three grey oozes. No doubt left behind to deter the group. The heroes managed to fend them off, but sustained some damage (Tobias’ armor and warhammer; Theadric’s heirloom rapier).

The battle was over relatively quickly, but the statue continued to sink during this time and water started coming in down the stairwell.

Tobias began translating quickly. He ascertained the statue was actually a way-station to help those who were ‘worthy’ to find the lost city of the Kwalishay. He also found controls to stop the flooding into the compartment they were in.

Meanwhile, Wizzleficks sped up the winding stairs to try to escape what he deemed would be a watery grave. The flow of sea water down the stairs was almost too much but he persevered and made it to McKraken still waiting in the boat outside.

Although Tobias knew how to work the controls he could not make them respond to him. It wasn’t until Goddard decided to sit down for a rest that the controls became active, but only active to him.

Between the two of them, Goddard and Tobias sealed off the chamber they were in. Then managed to re-emerge the statue and pump the stairwell of water.

Seeing that the statue came back up, Wizzleficks dared to descend to rejoin his friends.

Tobias explained to the group the way station was some sort of test. Without hearing the full explanation, Theadric entered the alcove which promptly closed on him. He was immediately seen on the scrying device in a foreign room.

Unfortunately, Theadric failed the test and was not heard from after. The stunned party didn’t know what to do until Aurelio volunteered to enter the now empty alcove. He also failed, but the group could see his every step on the monitor. Hope was the last and successfully solved the riddles.

Once completed, the previous two test takers were released and the machine produced a paper-thin, clear sheet with dots on it with a string of Ancient Suloise numbers along one edge.

with their new-found information, the party left the waypoint and returned to the docks of Ravenport.


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