The Remains of War

Scouting the Sea Devil Stronghold

Session 13 – 7/12/2015

The Heroes of Ravenport are offered 10,000 gp to stop the sea devil’s from destroying Salinmoor’s coast, as well as scouting the sahuagin lair to cement the alliance between Ravenport and the Great Lizard Tribe.

They are provided with a ship, and joined by Great Lizard Tribe warriors, Salinmoor law enforcement (including the Will and Tom Stoutly), and Oceanus (an aquatic elf rescued from Sea Ghost).

En route the ship was accosted my giant octopodes. The heroes fended them off, but lost two crewmen and a Stoutly before the suctioning cephalopods swam off in a cloud of ink. Wizzleficks did save himself and a guard with Otiluke’s Bubbling Buoyancy. Eidolon spent some time searching above the waters, but wasn’t able to determine where the octopus had taken Tom Stoutly, much to his cousin Will’s chagrin.

Early the next morning the ship arrived in at the edge of the Sahuagin controlled waters and disembarked to the shore. Shortly before dawn they raided the Sea Devil lair from the aboveground entrance.

The Heroes of Ravenport shrouded themselves in magical invisibility and crossed the land bridge to the main doors, that while well guarded were left open to receive the night air. Wizzleficks, in gaseous form, and the invisible Theadric and Aurelio snuck quietly into the foyer. A closed portcullis blocked conventional access to the rest of the lair, and a gong could be seen beyond it.

Wizzleficks, as a being a magical mist, slipped easy past the bars of the portcullis and positioned himself out of the way on the other side, and readied himself to materialize and pull the lever to raise the gate with mage hand when the violence started.

Lio teleported past the portcullis and next to the gong. At which point he started the violence, felling one of the sea devil guards. This prompted the cartographer to open the portcullis. And then Milo hurled a fireball into the midst of the sahuagin guards, killing or injuring most of them.

Theadric chose that moment to begin slaughtering the bewildered sahuagin in the foyer who had been outside of the fireball’s blast radius. And then the rest of the heroes moved into the lair to to finish off the remaining sea devils.

With the main entrance secured the lizardfolk warriors, Salinmoorians, and Oceanus advanced across the land bridge and set in to hold the room beyond the portcullis (which they closed).

Using the lizardfolk map the heroes headed deeper into the lair. On the way to where they guessed the tidal wave ritual was being performed they encountered sea devil slavers putting humanoid slaves to work excavating new rooms and passages.

Once again the heroes where able to get the drop on their foes. This time Milo lead with a fireball centered on the half-dozen sahuagin onlookers, which Wizzleficks followed up with a sleep spell that neutralized any survivors. The rest of the party rushed in and made short work of the two whip-cracking overseers with the help of the slaves.

Theadric learned from the now freed lizardfolk slave that a demihuman slave was also being held, and he was too sick to work. The humainoids, which included an orc, a hobgoblin and lizardfolk were sent with a letter of safe passage up to the entrance. They were advised to let the lizardfolk lead the way and do the talking to avoid misunderstandings, since they were members of the Great Lizard Tribe.

The party headed to the slave barracks to find a human in tattered robes, health and sanity both greatly eroded. Attempts to render aid with food and a healing potion were not enough to save him, and just before he died he revealed the existence of secret treasure room nearby.

After some searching the heroes found the room and investigated its treasures, finding a large cache of magical equipment. They took the time to rest and discover what many of the items were capable of before continuing on, deeper still into the lair.

Eventually they came to a water-filled passageway leading down into the submerged levels of the lair. Wizzleficks used the newly acquired wand of transmogrification to transform the party into a school of fish, and the group dove down into the lair and found a room with an enormous great white shark and a quartet of sahuagin priestesses sacrificing sahuagin babies in a horrible ritual. The party then returned to the dry level above, where Wizzleficks ended the spell.


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