The Remains of War

Raid on The Sea Ghost

The mayor put out the call to the Heroes of Ravenport. The long expected smugglers finally appeared.

However, only two appeared: Theadric and Tobias. Fortunately, the Viscount sent help in the form of an elf simply named ‘Hawk’. Even with the help of Hawk, Mayor Ormond felt the group was too small to overtake The Sea Ghost. He suggested the group recruit others to assist.

The team split up. Tobias went in search of Ash Tidecaller and Theadric went to the temple of Phyton to seek out Misha.

At the druid’s home, Dr. Blackstone found the door barred from the inside. However, no one answered when he knocked. Upon investigation of the shack where he keeps Fr. Abrams, he found the former priest curled up in the corner hungry.

Putting his magical talents to use, he let himself into Ash’s shanty to look for clues of which he found none. So, he took some food and water and left it for the starving priest.

As he was about to rendezvous with his companions, from seemingly nowhere a hand grabs his elbow and says, “They are coming from the sea! The scaley ones are coming for us all!” <<chris,>> It turned out to be Vilma with her lamp and a very far-away look in her eyes. When Tobias addressed her, she shook her head and said something like ‘May your own light guide you home,’ and wandered off.

Meanwhile, Theadric had much better luck talking to Misha. She still feels a heavy burden for what she’s done and felt this might be a good way of seeking atonement with the town and her god.

So, the slightly larger group set off for Blackstone Manor (formerly the smuggler’s hideout). They found Milo working in his lab and convinced him to take the time to man the lantern. Tobias very carefully explained the series of signals he must give and made sure Milos repeated it back several times.

Also at the manor were Corporal Will Stoutly and Private Tom Stoutly. The were charged by the mayor to assist with navigating the boat to the Sea Ghost.

The weather in Sunsebb is typically blustery and cold. The day of this particular foray did not disappoint. In fact, there seemed to be a storm brewing off in the distance as the party set out.

Wisely, the group decided not to take a frontal approach. Instead, they chose to climb the anchor chain. There were a couple of close calls climbing it though. Quick reflexes and quicker thinking saved the day.

Once onboard, the party made quick work of the couple of crewmembers nearby. After that, they opted for a full out assault against the remaining crew.

The battle see-sawed for quite a while. At one point, the group thought they would be overrun when three scaley men appeared and other pirates climbed up from the hold. However, Hawk skewered the ships windcaster and Theadric managed to put Snake Eyes down. At this point, when Tobias called for surrender, there was hardly any hesitation.

The scaley men were allowed to jump overboard.

The timing could not have been better. During the fighting, the weather got increasingly worse. The group put the remaining pirates to work bringing the ship into port before the full brunt of the storm could be felt.

Once in port, the guardsmen took the pirates away. The group took this as an opportunity to search the vessel.

They found:
various smuggled goods
+1 dagger
+1 longsword
wand of magic detection
scroll: Gust of Wind
phials: healing (x2), cure disease, neutralize poison
a pseudo-dragon which immediately bonded with Hawk
a sea elf named Oceanus who only speaks Elvish
a map indicating a spot southwest of Ravenport which Oceanus confirms the ship has stopped there before
a secret cache of weapons

The town council is deeply concerned about this map and the fact that it appears a large number of weapons have been going to this location….


EVaessen EVaessen

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