The Remains of War

Of Cauldron and Kings and Murdered Things

Out of the Abyss - Session 1

After saving Flanaess from a poorly executed Scarlet Brotherhood plot in which an ingredient substitution nearly destroyed the Material Plane, our heroes traveled back to Sasserine, Grey College academics in tow.
In the morning after the first night in Sasserine Dr. Blackstone answered an unexpected knock on his the door to his room. At his door were two dwarves, one young, one old. The elder dwarf introduced himself as Pike, and proceeded to butcher Tobias’ name and that of Ravenport.
At first Tobias was uncertain whether he wanted anything to do with this pair, but at the mention of a lost city found in the Hellfurnaces curiosity outweighed any skepticism and they where invited it, offered wine, and asked to wait a moment while he collected some of the earlier risers among his companions.
Pike and his companion Percival had been sent by Degron Bloodbeard, self-proclaimed King of Dumadan to enlist the aid of the Heroes of Ravenport to help invest an urgent matter regarding the Underdark.
A short while later, over breakfast, the party agreed to answer the king’s call and travel with the dwarves to Dumadan. The heroes tidied up their affairs, including sending the disassembled teleportation circle they’d taken from the Scarlet Brotherhood with the academics to the Grey College in the City of Greyhawk.
On the night of the first leg of their journey to Cauldron the lesser moon (Celene) was full. This boded ill for Theadric, as the Kwalishar machine had rewritten the past and the Oldfur sword was never bequeathed to the halfling werebadger (if ever it existed at all). So, to hide his lycanthropy from his friends he made camp well away from the party.
Theadric Oldfur was not the only lycanthrope about that evening. A pack of werewolves lead by a devil descended upon the area. The werewolves sensing the deliciousness that is werebadger soon caught Theadric’s sent and the chase was on.
Theadric charged back to the main camp and soon found he could not enter the Leomund’s Tiny Hut that Hope had erected, as he had not been present when she’d cast it.
The rest of the party had been awoken by the howling of the werewolves and we’re prepared to fight as the pack, lend by a flying devil descended on them.
Hope dispelled the Hut, and the devil crowed about his easy victory collecting Hope for her mother. The battle did not go as well as the lunar devil had planned, and soon his werewolves were slaughtered and his illusions revealed.
The devil, now singed by magic and with punctured hide and pride fled into the night, proclaiming the futility of Hope’s resistance to her mother’s desires. Hope was unimpressed.
After arriving in Cauldron they were able to sell treasure and purchase supplies for the journey ahead. From there they caught a newly constructed pneumatic underground railway, in which they would spend three days before arriving at their destination.
On the train they encountered Davra Jasser of the Zilchist Consortium (a mercantile organization tied to the worship of Zilchus), with whom Aurelio struck of a conversation on about acquiring the Consortium’s aid in prosecuting a war against Rary in the Bright Desert. Interestingly, the merchant wore a rapier with a red hilt that was a stylistic twin to Song’s End.
As is often the case during a conversation with Lio the topic turned to revenge, and Jasser revealed that he sort his wife’s killer, a red-haired man with a laugh he would never forget.
Also aboard was Baron Münchhüber resplendent in fine clothes and an ostentatious turban adding to his already considerable height. He asked for a recounting of some of the Heroes of Ravenport’s deeds, but quickly grew bored and launched into an impassioned retelling of his own exploits. All-in-all he was a pompous ass.
Curious as to why the dwarves had sought out him specifically Tobias took the question to Pike and Percival near the end of the journey. They were persuaded to reveal that his name came from Tenna Shatterstar, which came as a considerable shock, as he believed that his friend, colleague, and one-time girlfriend to have been killed by the Scarlet Brotherhood when they revealed themselves and claim the Iron League states for their own.
Upon arriving at Dumadan the heroes were brought immediately into an audience with the king. Degron Bloodbeard. Also present was Elbeth Thedron, old friend and prior adventuring companion of Brogin.
Degron spoke of a demonic evil in the Underdark that he feared would find its way to the surface world if not stopped. Elbeth and Tenna were among those sent to find what they could of the cause. Elbeth was the only one to return.
Elbeth explain their plan to be capture by drow and to gain access to drow society and discover the cause of the madness wending it’s way through the Underdark. While the first part of their plan succeeded, only Elbeth was able to escape and with new information that raised more questions than it answered.
King Degron asked that the heroes descend into the Underdark, learn the cause of the new demonic presence, and put a stop to it if they are able. Dr. Blackstone, Brogin, Hope, and Theadric agreed readily. Wizzleficks agreed after it was noted that the Underdark is said to be unmappable. Aurelio wisely asked for the Kings future aid in the war against Rary in exchange for performing this mission, to which the King Degron agreed.
The king then told them that there were others present in Dumadan that might aid the heroes in their mission, but would need convincing. To that end he had arranged a banquet where the party to meet and convince these possible benefactors.
At banquet Aurelio, having already established a rapport with Davra Jasser, bargained for the use of the Zilchist Consortium’s secret outpost in Mantol-Derith. In the party provided the Consortium with a number of magic items of use to them and agreed to give 3% of treasure beyond to the first 30,000 gp acquired during the expedition. In exchange the heroes would have use of the outpost, including its agents.
During their discussion Aurelio noted that Jasser was eying Münchhüber, red hair visible now without the turban.
Hope was able to elicit the aid of the Order of the Chapeaux from their commander, Sir Lanaver Strail. This was quite a coup, given his humorless nature and unfriendly reaction to her fiendish features. Sir Lanaver provided the services or five members of the order.
Wizzleficks and Tobi were less successful with the arrogant Lord Zelraun Roaringhorn, apprentice to Mordenkainen and mediocre painter. In an attempt to win use of Zelraun’s shield guardian Wizzleficks wagered a love potion against it in a game of dragonchess. Sadly this was not a game that the cartographer was more than casually familiar with, and a love potion was release out into the wild to cause chaos.
An arrangement was made with Baron Münchhüber to involve him and his retinue in the expedition before anyone could properly warn the heroes off. Though, with the next dawn this would be of little consequence, as the Baron was found dead with a scimitar that looked very much like Song’s End still sticking through his heart….


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