The Remains of War

Expedition to the Dunwater Lair

Once again, the Heroes of Ravenport were called upon by the Mayor. Lio met a traveling dwarf in the refugee camp named Brogin. He was led to this town by dire watery visions. Seeing that he looked like he was no stranger to danger, Lio invited him to join him in his meeting with the mayor.

Mayor Ormond welcomed the Heroes warmly but was surprised to see it wasn’t the whole team again. He explained that what Tobias and Theadric found on the smuggler’s’ ship was concerning to the town council. The location marked on the map wasn’t too distant from Ravenport and the cache of weapons was rather large.

He went on to explain the town was prepared to pay them 5,000 gold lions for investigating the location indicated on the map found on the smuggler’s ship. [I neglected to mention this in the session]. Additionally, the town was willing to loan the party a small ship that could be manned by Stoutlys (Tom and Wil). As collateral for the loan, the mayor requested the deed to the in recently purchased by Theadric. The deed would be returned upon the return on the ship. Lastly, he provided a choice for paying the Stoutlys: either 400 gold lions (total) or a share of whatever is found. The party opted to pay them 200 up front and 200 upon their return.

Lastly, the Zacharias told the group Oceanus (the elf found captured on the smuggler’s ship) would like to join them.

The next day, the Heroes set sail. Theadric and Tobias joined them for part of the journey. Tobias and Theadric were going to Fort Bale to use their library for research for Lio.

The sea journey transpired without incident.

At the mouth of the Dunwater, the group found two rises of land on either side of the river. One rise had an obvious cave open to the Azure Sea. The other mound had visible paths.

After a brief discussion, the group decided to take a rowboat to the paths. There, they found tracks which lead to a ford across the Dunwater. They set up a cold camp to gather intel about the comings and goings in the area.

Early the next morning, what appeared to be a hunting party was seen crossing the ford from the other side. It was too far to tell what creatures made up the hunting party other than they were bipedal.

Eventually, the party decided to make its move. Their new ally Brogin along with Lio used their skills of survival effectively to find the tracks of the hunting party they saw earlier. They followed the tracks back the way they came but it lead to a wall of underbrush. After a bit of investigation, they realized the brush was a ruse and was easily moved to reveal a cave beyond.

Inside the cave, they found a door. It was suck, but they managed to open it quietly. Lio used his newly acquired pointy boots of Elvenkind to sneak inside. He quickly found a guardpost nearby with 5 lizard persons. He alerted the party, took careful aim with his bow, and missed.

The arrow landing at the feet of one of the lizard fellows alerted them to the intruders. At this point they began to shout in Draconic and one ran off.

Seeing that the party wasn’t responding to their words, the lizardfolk gestured to the doors without attacking party.

However, this very short and limited attempt on their part to parlay was quickly brought to an end as Milo lit them on fire with burning hands. A full on battle ensued wherein the original 4 lizardfolk were rejoined by their errant fellow who brought back a lieutenant and 8 other lizard beings.

In the end, the Heroes of Ravenport were victorious. At their feet lay approximately a dozen foes and their lieutenant. However, two of them had run off.

Realizing how badly hurt they themselves were, the Heroes left the lair to make a quick camp off the tracks for a quick rest. Brogin used his survival skills to conceal their presence. It worked so well when a band of warriors with a shaman emerged from the lair, they didn’t even notice the party as it ran by.

After the short rest, the group went back into the lair. They noticed all of the bodies were gone. Apparently, while they rested someone had taken them away.

As the group wound their way through the meandering complex, they did not encounter any more warriors. They came upon many rooms: personal quarters, a kitchen with non-combatant lizard cooks, a larder, and the throne room.

In the throne room, there were two lizardfolk children playing. Discovering the party, they started asking questions and following them around.

it’s worth noting that after the short rest, Hope decided to cast Comprehend Languages as a ritual. She was able to understand what the children were saying, but could not reply. Although the party found the children to be a nuisance, they could not get them to stop following them (except briefly when Milo used a cantrip to distract them).

Hope was able to find a secret door in the floor behind the throne. It lead to a tunnel which emerged in what appeared to be the Chieftain’s personal quarters. At one point, they encountered the Chieftain’s guards who were more surprised to see the party emerging from the Chief’s quarters than they were angry.

Eventually, the group found its way to the temple where Hope overheard conversation between the shamen. Essentially, they were upset about not having found the attackers yet and this was delaying their plans for attacking the Sahuagin and reclaiming their lair.

Before she could explain what she heard to the rest of the group, one of the shamen spoke: “Who’s there. Step out now.”

Brogin shoved one of the children through the curtain they were hiding behind, but the child didn’t help the matters by pointing to the curtain and saying to the shamen “Want to meet my new friends?”

Hope and Milo stepped through and eventually the others followed suit. The shamen led the group to the Chieftain.

The Chieftain and his advisor explain that they were recently forced to move to this lair when sahuagin attacked theirs. They are working to put together an alliance to reclaim their lair. In addition, they have been purchasing weapons for this effort.

After some discussion, the Chieftain proposed he would forgive the deaths of clansmen in exchange for the assistance of the party in scouting the sahuagin and the return of everything they had taken while exploring their lair.

The advisor proposed The Great Lizard Tribe enter into a formal alliance with Ravenport. He offered to send a lieutenant and shaman as ambassadors.


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