The Remains of War

Council Meeting

As soon as the party returns from the waypoint, a guard at the docks informs you the council would like to speak to you. He leads you up the same hill as the mayor’s residence, but to a different building.

The guard announces your presence and leads you in. The council is arrayed before you with their various assistants. You recognize some of them (Mayor Ormand, Mr. Wolf, Haskel, and Belba). The others you have not seen before and are not introduced.

Zacharias stands and formally congratulates all of you. He also informs you the council agrees to pay each of you 500 lions for your work uncovering the smuggling ring. Additionally, they will pay you 850 lions for the contraband.

He motions to Haskel as he tells you to pick up your payment from him once the meeting is over (which should be in an hour).

[If you have any questions or comments for the council, you have a brief moment to speak]


EVaessen EVaessen

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