The Remains of War

Bridge Work and Other Roadblocks

Out of the Abyss - Session 5

After defeating the drow and quaggoths defending the slaver outpost of Velkynvelve the heroes were struck by a terrible vision of Lolth, which left Brogin, Aurelio, and Wizzleficks comatose and the rest momentarily stunned.

After finding a relatively safe place to hide their ailing friends the we by the leaders of the drow outpost.

A drow priestess emerged from a guard tower that was on the other side of a narrow bridge from the landing our heroes now controlled. She unleashed a cloud of swarming, biting insects upon them for their temerity.

A drow warrior, hideously disfigured emerged next out onto the bridge, moving ahead to defend the priestess, and fired on the party with his hand crossbow.

Hope and the Dumadan scouts (Brim and Thargus) fell back and fired on the drow warrior.

Yet another drow warrior swaggered onto the bridge, moving gracefully past the priestess and roughly by the disfigured drow. He declared that he would be doing the defending, drew a wand, and used it to cast a spell that narrowly missed striking Dr. Blackstone with some sort of mystical goo.

A fourth drow figure could be seen still within the guard tower.

Then Milo, being Milo, dropped a fireball on the drow, leaving them and the bridge a bit singed. This caused the priestess to lose her concentration on the insect swarm and they dispersed.

Tobi took this as his cue to charge forward. He barrel into the drow warriors sending them over the side of the bridge and down in to the webs below and then smashed into the priestess with his flail.

Tobi was now close enough to see that the drow still in the inverted tower was another priestess, and — to judge from her accoutrements and the demonic figures swirling about her — was the Velkynvelve’s leader.

The head priestess, Ilvara, stepped out onto the bridge and healed her subordinate, whom Dr. Blackstone had been threshing.

Theadric rushed out to the bridge and hurled daggers at Ilvara, piercing her and causing the shadowy demons to disperse before they could tear Tobi apart.

The drow warriors levitated back up from the webs below and climbed back onto the bridge to their original places, now behind Tobi and on either side of the deadly halfling.

Hope, Brim, and Thargus moved to the edge of the landing and unleashed a volley on the wand-wielding drow. Milo, keeping back, hurled a bolt of arcane fire at the same.

Next, the esteemed Mr. Oldfur teleported behind Ilvara and stabbed her repeatedly with a flaming sword until she was dead.

Tobias tried unsuccessfully shove the drow warrior at his back off of the bridge. Fortunately for Dr. Blackstone Theadric was at the ready, and hurled a dagger into the warrior’s gut, killing the drow. The halfling then climbed atop Ilvara, using the Lolthite’s face for purchase, and stabbed the remaining priestess in the back.

While firing on the last drow warrior Hope called out to her allies on the bridge, spurring Tobi and Theadric to even greater violence.

The remaining drow warrior charged at Tobias, desperate to defend the remaining priestess and win her favor.

The priestess, now terribly wounded, called out to Lolth for demonic aid. Lolth found her request unworthy and the psychic backlash of the Demon Queen’s displeasure killed her.

Stepping on the failed priestess’s corpse, Theadric once more called his dagger to hand and sent it flying into the last drow’s heart. His body off the bridge, missed the webs and plummeted to the frothing water at the base of the waterfall, a hundred feet below.

After searching for keys the heroes moved quickly to the slave pens where the release the only two slaves in Velkynvelve: Sarith, a drow guard accused of murder, and Shuushar, an unusual kuo-toa who was sane and staunch pacifist, also hobbled by the drow.

Searching the head priestess’ quarters Tobi and Theadric discovered a giant spider which the dispatched along with several pillows. They also found Tenna’s Staff of Fire along with an assortment of mundane treasure.

Now that it was confirmed that they’d hit the correct outpost the party rested and planned.

Sarith revealed that they would need to leave soon if they hoped to catch the caravan before it reached Erelhei-Cinlu, and that he would be happy to aid the party as it would provide him an opportunity to get revenge for his imprisonment and torture. He also said that the murder charge against him was false. Given the deperate situation of our heroes and the fact that they’d just slaughtered a bunch of drow themselves, they didn’t really care if he was telling the truth.

Sarith told the heroes that he felt something pulling him out into the Underdark. A thread that the heroes would note for later, if they survived.

Aurelio, Brogin, and Wizzleficks were still troublingly comatose. Brim Coppervein, concerned for his friend Aurelio, volunteered to guard the unconscious heroes while the rest of the party pursued the slavers.

During the rest Milo attuned to the Staff of Fire, as the party was sorely taxed by the fight to take Velkynvelve and needed all the help they could get.

Thargus traded his crossbow for Tobias’ longbow at the Doctor’s suggestion, and scouted for the group.

Eventually they came to a deep chasm, eighty feet across and filled with floating stone columns buoyed by the Faezress. To Sarith’s dismay the ferry had been scuttled.

As they prepared to take the riding lizards up over the ceiling Thargus noticed something glinting in the distance, just across the gorge. It was a drow ambuscade.

Instead of being taken unawares in the middle of crossing the chasm, as the drow had plan, the party was able to slaughter all but one of the half dozen warriors at range. The last drow fled.

The fight concluded, the group headed up across the ceiling on their riding lizards.

Soon they neared an area where Sarith felt the slavers would make their stand, so the party halted and dismounted.

Out of the shadows appeared a drow woman, or so she appeared until she dropped the illusion and revealed herself as a surface elf spy embedded in Velkynvelve and working for Baron Münchhüber. She warned them not to approach the slavers, that it was hopeless, and that they would threaten to kill a captured knight of the Chapeau if the party was foolish enough to ignore her.

Tobias revealed that the baron was dead, and that Milo — pointing at the apparent twelve-year-old halfling — would rain flaming death on their retinue of goblins and bugbears. Dr. Blackstone further mistook her sudden intake of breath at the news of Münchhüber’s death as a relieved sigh.

Fortunately Hope was there to smooth this over. She commiserated with the elf, and then convinced her that the strange group before her actually had a chance to succeed.

Hope and Thargus scouted ahead, and soon Hope sent word back through the Ring of Whispers of a battle line of goblins and Bugbears blockading the slave carts.

A basic plan was formulated. Dr. Blackstone drank a Potion of Growth, and Khalessa, the elven spy, skulked ahead.

Ryz, the drow leading the caravan demanded that the party turn back or she would kill the knight. Tobias, sense just how close Tenna was, countered Ryz’s demand with one of his own. The could free the slaves and leave or Ryz and her retinue would be killed.

At this point one of the goblins slipped and fired an arrow and the rest followed suit.

Most of them fired at Tobi, the rest split between the halflings, as they were the most visible (Hope, Thargus, and Khalessa were hiding, and Sarith had held back out of the range of their darkvision). Fortunately few arrows got through.

Next, weilding the Staff of Fire, Milo raised a wall of flame in the middle of the goblin battleline, killing two dozen outright, and blocking the bugbear’s line of sight.

Seemingly from nowhere a cloud of noxious gas descended on the halflings, Khalessa, and Thargus. Theadric, unleashing a battlecry and ignored the pain caused by the poison, charged viciously into the left flank of the goblin line, sending a smouldering head flying.

Sarith and Tobias charged the right flank. Hope recognized a spellcaster in the goblin ranks on the right and peppered him with arrows, breaking his concentration and causing the cloud to dissipate before it could affect the others caught within.

Ryz dispatched the knight, ordered all but one of the bugbears forward, and levitated up twenty feet to see over the wall of fire.

Khalessa followed in Theadric’s, aiding his fight against the bugbears that were surging around him.

Milo maintained concentration on the wall and immolated goblins and bugbears with gouts of arcane fire.

Hope and Thargus pin-cushioned enemies while the bard bolstered her allies with a battle chanty.

As the goblin spellcaster fell and his illusion dissolved, revealing a dead drow wizard.

Milo hurled a fireball at the floating Ryz, scorching her and singing the bugbear beneath her.

Theadric, surrounded now by bugbears and goblins with Khalessa at his back laid about with his flaming sword rapidly depleting the enemies numbers. A quick strike from the elf finished a few that had survived Theadric’s fury.

Ryz returned to the ground and with her bugbear bodyguard charged the giant armed and armored historian. The bugbear scored a telling blow, wounding Tobi badly, and leaving him open to Ryz’s poisoned blade, which then layed him low.

Sarith moved forward to take Tobias place, and Hope closed in shooting all the while, striking Ryz and at the same time casting a spell of healing on Tobi.

Before Ryz could finish off the Tobi Thargus put an arrow through her neck.

With the death of Ryz the half dozen remaining goblins and bugbears fled into the Underdark.


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