Wizzleficks Sylvester Fenthwick Breakenbrack

Gnomish cartographer and wizard in training


Wizzleficks was born in gnomish community that did not survive the devastation of the Greyhawk Wars. During his youth, he would wander the area noting the features and lay of the land. After his home was destroyed, Wizleficks came under the care of Captain Garnan Tarmikos, an officer in the armies of the Free City. While initially, he saw the potential in Wizzleficks’s knowledge of the area, in time, he came to care for the young gnome. As the campaigns across Keoland and the surrounding lands continued, Wizzleficks’s detailed maps of the area proved invaluable in anticipating troop movements and arranging supplies.

With the ending of the Wars, Captain Tarmikos was promoted and stationed in the Free City itself. Wizzleficks joined him and the Captain arranged for Wizzleficks to apprentice with the Cartographer’s Guild. He spent years honing his natural talent and traveling around the environs of the City of Greyhawk. Having come of age among humans, Wizzleficks found it easier to avoid confrontation and yield to the larger folk, though his many adventures provided the small gnome the strength of character to stand firm in the face of danger.

During his time living in the City of Greyhawk, Wizzleficks developed an interest in the arcane arts, and particularly, one of its members – Otiluke. In the diminutive mage, Wizzleficks found someone who had walked a similar path. Learning what he could from others, including a former apprentice of Otiluke’s, Wizzleficks began to delve into the practice of the arcane arts. Upon graduating to journeyman status with the guild, Wizzleficks was assigned to Keoland and the surrounding lands. He travels throughout them, often alone, mapping the land, tried to avoid adventure and often finding himself in the middle of it.

Wizzleficks Sylvester Fenthwick Breakenbrack

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